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Margaret Somerville on why we shouldn’t authorize killing

Margaret Somerville appears on The Source with Ezra Levant to discuss the moral and ethical problems with legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide. The most important question to ask is, is society either authorizing someone to kill other people or authorizing

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I’m a Dad! 3D Ultrasound

I’ve recently become a father. I am sure that pregnancy was designed not only to allow for the early development of the child, but also to give parents time to prepare. Still, in this period of anticipation, waiting to “meet”

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Planned Parenthood: We Don’t Listen to Science

Planned Parenthood’s College Outreach group, Advocates for Choice, really hates science. Don’t just take my word for it, listen for yourself (via the CCBR). I thought it was the “wacky religious right” or the “lunatic fringe of the Republican party”

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What’s your wheelchair?

An amazing video, via Matthew Warner: They said Christopher Coleman would be a complete “vegetable.” He would never move, walk, talk or think. He was actually pronounced dead at birth. Well, they were wrong. But the inspiration is not just

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How to combat modern slavery

Continuing on with my thoughts on human trafficking and modern forms of slavery, I watched this TED Talk a few weeks ago, found it fascinating and thought it’d be worth sharing. Again, your thoughts are welcome: do you think modern

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Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform Gets Fair Coverage From CTV News

Not bad at all. (via ProWomanProLife) Stephanie Gray FTW!

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Pro-Choice Harrassment at a Pro-Life Demonstration in Vancouver

This, via The American Catholic, with the full story at LifeSiteNews.com. Last Friday the unknown individual approached the pro-life witnesses, who have gathered for several years on the corner of Broadway and Commercial Drive displaying graphic images of aborted babies,

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A Life Worth Living

We’ve blogged about Nick Vujicic before, but the American Catholic highlights another great speech in which he comes forth as a living refutation of the pro-abort lie that some lives are not worth living. Watch the whole thing, but Nick

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Michael Coren on Abortion as Canada’s National Shame

Back in February, Queen’s Alive hosted a talk by Michael Coren—Abortion: Canada’s National Shame. Well worth a listen when you have a chance (looks like roughly an hour and a half—9 parts on YouTube). The week after the talk, Coren

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Fr. Barron on Abortion and Health Care

Father Robert Barron has an excellent video on abortion and health care. Though situated in the context of the American health care reform debate, he focuses on an article in the New Yorker that serves as “a compendium of pro-choice

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