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What We Accomplished Last Semester

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through the school year and already in 2015! UTSFL is hopeful as we gear up for a New Year of pro-life activism. But before we get too caught up in our plans,

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Carleton Lifeline Sues Carleton University

Carleton Lifeline has filed a lawsuit against Carleton University and its administration. Five pro-life students were arrested in October for trespassing on their own campus, and later that month the group was intimated further for putting on “Choice” Chain, despite

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Why Pro-Lifers “Still Exist”

Samantha Dellapina, staff writer for The UTSC Messenger, wrote an opinion piece a few weeks ago entitled “Pro-lifers still exist?” Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to begin, so I’ll just tackle it line by line. Legalized abortion and a

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Carleton Lifeline’s Correspondence with the University

For the curious, Carleton Lifeline has posted all of the correspondence between their lawyer and Carleton University.

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Working Together To Build A Culture of Life: The NCLN Campus Blogs Aggregator

In August, I helped the National Campus Life Network launch the campus blogs section of their new website. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, and many pro-life students already know about it. These past couple weeks,

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Michael Coren on the Carleton Arrests

Michael Coren discusses the Carleton arrests on his TV show around the 15:30 mark with panelists Laura Babcock, David Menzies, and Matt Gurney (via @NCLN). We’ve highlighted his excellent coverage of the campus free speech issues that pro-life students face

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Carleton University: Watch What You Say

And another.

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Carleton University: Freedom of Speech, Indoors Only.

Because it’s easier to defend the status quo when we don’t have to see it.

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Carleton University: We have a place for unpopular opinions

I’ve decided to add captions to some of the photos taken by the CCBR during Monday’s arrests. Here’s the first:

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VIDEO: Peaceful Prolife Student Protesters Given A Choice: “Protest” Inside or Face Arrest

More details have emerged from the arrests at Carleton University this morning, especially with the release of this video from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform. Notice, the Carleton official doesn’t want “this display in this location.” What policies guide

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