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Hello. The venue for the upcoming event has been determined (after much blood, sweat and tears mostly shed by Clarissa). See you all at 40 St. George Street, Bahen Centre for Information Technology on the U of T campus, room …

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An article in Life Site News caught my attention the other day. The Center Against Forced Abortion (CAFA) in Texas is taking measures to ensure women know they are legally protected against coerced abortion. Their efforts will involve the distribution …

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Sorry its been quiet here for the past week but we will be back to regular blogging on Monday. Blaise is still in the wedding mode and I’ve had a busy week. See you next week!

This post from Jill Stanek is too good not to share: Newsweek posted an interesting piece on April 16, “Remember Roe!”, with the byline, “How can the next generation defend abortion rights when they don’t think abortion rights need defending?” …

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Back in February, Queen’s Alive hosted a talk by Michael Coren—Abortion: Canada’s National Shame. Well worth a listen when you have a chance (looks like roughly an hour and a half—9 parts on YouTube). The week after the talk, Coren …

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The fantastic pro-life group, Live Action, has created a series of video interviews with people in downtown San Jose, without any previous knowledge of their views on abortion. There are a wide variety of persepectives. Some more serious exchanges… … …

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Matthew Warner has created a great new pro-life video short. We’ve had some great posts via Matthew before.

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I’m not sure what to think of this image, courtesy of the FAIL Blog…

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Why does this not surprise me? It’s truly absurd how the media comes to perpetuate the same, bad assumptions. [youtube=]

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Here’s quick answer number four from COLF‘s “quick answers to common arguments” about euthanasia and assisted suicide. “Having the right to die, even if I never exercise it, gives me the control I need to have a peaceful death.” A …

“Having the right to die gives me the control I need to have a peaceful death.” Read More »

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