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Volunter Outreach

We volunteer every week at a crisis pregnancy centre close to campus. Join the mailing list in the right-hand sidebar to hear when we’ll be there next!


We meet every week to hang out, plan upcoming events, and discuss pro-life apologetics, strategy and politics. Join our weekly meetings for seminars on bioethics, biology, strategy, public policy, political activism, and more!


"Choice" Chain We run regular activism and training to show everyone at U of T and in the City of Toronto the humanity of pre-born children and the inhumanity of abortion, and to dialogue with everyone on campus about abortion. We work with a multi-campus activism team, Toronto Against Abortion. Read more about our theory of change and why we do “Choice” Chain.

If you’re interested in joining our TAA activism team, fill out a volunteer application here.

Special Events

We also host debates, panel discussions and lectures throughout the year. Join our mailing list in the right-hand sidebar to hear about both our weekly and our special events!