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The wonders of “choice”

Granted, this case from the Ottawa Citizen is not representative of every woman seeking an abortion, but it does raise the question of, “What constitutes choice?”. Here are some highlights from the article: Anna, first, asked her mother whether she

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Margaret Somerville on why we shouldn’t authorize killing

Margaret Somerville appears on The Source with Ezra Levant to discuss the moral and ethical problems with legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide. The most important question to ask is, is society either authorizing someone to kill other people or authorizing

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Canada needs a national debate on abortion

Contrary to popular belief (at least beliefs held by the elites of the country) there is no consensus on abortion. Margaret Somerville writes a great article on Mercatornet: Margaret Wente, writing recently in the Globe and Mail, articulates both myths

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Margaret Somerville on Euthanasia

Margaret Somerville had some fantastic articles on euthanasia recently. First, an article in the Globe (via ProWomanProLife) which presents a comprehensive overview of the problems with euthanasia, namely the trend of initially requiring some sort of justification but quickly giving

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