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[Debate] Abortion: Human Right or Human Rights Violation?

We’ve uploaded video from Monday’s debate between Stephanie Gray and Donald Ainslie. Unlike Stephanie’s opponent at Dalhousie, Ainslie did not argue in favour of infanticide, and in fact argued against the notion that abortion should be a morally trivial matter.

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How to combat modern slavery

Continuing on with my thoughts on human trafficking and modern forms of slavery, I watched this TED Talk a few weeks ago, found it fascinating and thought it’d be worth sharing. Again, your thoughts are welcome: do you think modern

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UTSFL Talk: Echoes of the Holocaust

Tomorrow, we’ll be hosting Jose Ruba from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform at the University of Toronto to present his talk, Echoes of the Holocaust, from 7-9pm Wed Jan 27 at Father Madden Hall (Carr Hall, St. Michael’s College)

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Right to die or right to live?

Cristina Alarcon, a pharmacist at Hollyburn Medicine Centre in West Vancouver, has an article in the National Post: Right to Die? How about right to live: Could the way we treat our most vulnerable be a sign of the times,

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Amnesty International’s New Policy Supporting Abortion

Amnesty International has recently released its new policy supporting abortion. While they stop short of taking a(n) (obvious) stance on abortion-on-demand, one of the main points of the new policy involves “ensuring that any woman, who has become pregnant as

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