Pro-Choice Harrassment at a Pro-Life Demonstration in Vancouver

This, via The American Catholic, with the full story at

Last Friday the unknown individual approached the pro-life witnesses, who have gathered for several years on the corner of Broadway and Commercial Drive displaying graphic images of aborted babies, and repeatedly kicked, grabbed, and attempted to deface the signs of the pro-lifers.

The incident was caught on film by Campaign Life Coalition BC’s president, John Hof, who has posted the video on YouTube.

Hof said the young man “could not control his emotions as he lashed out at pro-lifers perfectly capable of defending themselves and even other, more elderly protesters. He appeared possessed by rage as he was incapable of engaging in calm conversation and was becoming more and more enraged as the minutes went by.”

Hof related that the person was eventually subdued and told to go on his way by a bystander who was concerned that two small children in the area were getting upset by the attacker’s violent behavior. Police were called but arrived on the scene too late to track down the individual.

Not pretty.

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