Last week, a remarkable article was posted in the New York Times, by a mother who had refused prenatal testing during her pregnancy. The woman in question, Amy Becker, is the mother of a child with Down syndrome and has …

“We Would Welcome another Child with Down Syndrome” Read more »

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An important video for our friends south of the border (via Thomas Peters). [youtube=] Unfortunately, Canada already subscribes to the incredible inconsistency that abortion is both a woman’s choice and a medical necessity.

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Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, took her gloves off in an editorial in the Huffington Post critical of the US Catholic bishops for coming out against (surprise!) taxpayer funded abortions (via Her mastery of …

Surprise: US Catholic Bishops are… Catholic (*gasp*) and Cecile Richards thinks abortion should be publicly funded Read more »

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