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Michael Coren on the Carleton Arrests

Michael Coren discusses the Carleton arrests on his TV show around the 15:30 mark with panelists Laura Babcock, David Menzies, and Matt Gurney (via @NCLN). We’ve highlighted his excellent coverage of the campus free speech issues that pro-life students face

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Michael Coren on Abortion as Canada’s National Shame

Back in February, Queen’s Alive hosted a talk by Michael Coren—Abortion: Canada’s National Shame. Well worth a listen when you have a chance (looks like roughly an hour and a half—9 parts on YouTube). The week after the talk, Coren

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Michael Coren on the March for Life

Michael Coren has a piece on the March for Life today in the National Post (via ProWomanProLife), noting how “it makes the shapers of establishment opinion extraordinarily uncomfortable,” and focusing on issues of free speech and the suppression of debate

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