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Our mission as a club is to transform our campus by reaching everyone with abortion victim photography and a human rights message, in order to make abortion unthinkable at U of T and do our local part to end the …

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I was introduced to the notion of a theory of change from the late Internet activist Aaron Schwartz: I am increasingly convinced that the difference between effective and ineffective people is their skill at developing a theory of change. Theory …

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It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through the school year and already in 2015! UTSFL is hopeful as we gear up for a New Year of pro-life activism. But before we get too caught up in our plans, …

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We’re making next week Life Week at the University of Toronto! Look for us on campus! First, we’ll have a visible public presence on campus early in the week, with activism projects and information tables. If you’d like to help …

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We’ve uploaded video from Monday’s debate between Stephanie Gray and Donald Ainslie. Unlike Stephanie’s opponent at Dalhousie, Ainslie did not argue in favour of infanticide, and in fact argued against the notion that abortion should be a morally trivial matter. …

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Carleton Lifeline has filed a lawsuit against Carleton University and its administration. Five pro-life students were arrested in October for trespassing on their own campus, and later that month the group was intimated further for putting on “Choice” Chain, despite …

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Samantha Dellapina, staff writer for The UTSC Messenger, wrote an opinion piece a few weeks ago entitled “Pro-lifers still exist?” Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to begin, so I’ll just tackle it line by line. Legalized abortion and a …

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For the curious, Carleton Lifeline has posted all of the correspondence between their lawyer and Carleton University.

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In August, I helped the National Campus Life Network launch the campus blogs section of their new website. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, and many pro-life students already know about it. These past couple weeks, …

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Michael Coren discusses the Carleton arrests on his TV show around the 15:30 mark with panelists Laura Babcock, David Menzies, and Matt Gurney (via @NCLN). We’ve highlighted his excellent coverage of the campus free speech issues that pro-life students face …

Michael Coren on the Carleton Arrests Read More »

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