University of Toronto Students for Life (UTSFL) is a student-run club committed to proclaiming and defending the dignity of all human life from fertilization to natural death.

We seek to do this by educating the University of Toronto community on the right to life and advocating for human rights for all human beings. We oppose abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and all other acts which fail to protect and affirm the dignity of human life. We work to connect members of the University of Toronto community with resources and support for alternatives to abortion, and healing from the trauma of abortion.

2022-2023 Executive Committee

President: Mary Angel Bandolin

College: University
Year: 4th
Programs: Health Studies, Bioethics
Bio: I joined the Students for Life club because I recognize my duty to fight for the preborn — the most vulnerable members of our society. I stand for women, babies, and human rights.

Vice President: Sanam Syed

College: Innis
Year: 3rd
Programs: Cinema Studies, Book & Media Studies
Bio: I am pro-life because every human being deserves to live free from violence. I aspire to save lives and build a culture that recognizes the humanity of the unborn.

Treasurer: Para Babuharan

College: Victoria
Year: 4th
Program: Political Science, Medieval Studies
Bio: I am part of Students for Life because I believe in the dignity of the human person.

Communications Liaison: Jihae Yun

College: Trinity
Year: 3rd
Program: International Relations
Bio: I am part of UTSFL because all humans are worthy of the right to life, even in the womb. Each human life is unique, sacred, and should be treated equally.

Outreach Coordinator: Meghan Dahl

College: University
Year: 2nd
Programs: Bioethics, Criminology
Bio: I am pro-life because the abortion industry exploits women and kills human beings. I believe that every individual deserves the fundamental right to life no matter the circumstances.

Hospitality Officer: Angelica Vecchiato

College: Victoria
Year: 1st
Program: Social Sciences
Bio: I believe that each and every human being has inherent dignity, premised upon the fact that they are a person, deserving of love and respect. Each life is worth living — we all have the potential to do incredible things!

Get Involved With Our Activities!

  • Activism Team: We run weekly pro-life outreach at the University of Toronto, in partnership with Toronto Against Abortion
  • Volunteer Outreach Team: We volunteer weekly at a charity that supports women and families facing difficult pregnancies
  • Seminars: We hold weekly meetings to learn more about bioethics, strategy, apologetics, biology, politics, philosophy, and beyond

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