University of Toronto Students for Life (UTSFL) is committed to proclaiming and defending the dignity of all human life from fertilization to natural death.

We seek to do this by educating the University of Toronto community on the right to life and advocating for human rights for all human beings. We oppose abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and all other acts which fail to protect and affirm the dignity of human life. We work to connect members of the University of Toronto community with resources and support for alternatives to abortion, and healing from the trauma of abortion.

2010-2021 Executive Committee

President: Mary Angel Bandolin

College: University
Year: 2
Programs: Health Studies & Bioethics
Bio: I joined the Students for Life club because I recognize my duty as a human being to fight for my preborn brothers and sisters who are incapable of defending themselves. I believe in the power of knowledge and actions, and their combined ability to invoke meaningful change. I stand for women, babies, and human rights.

Vice President: Wei Han Lau

College: St. Michael’s
Year: 2
Programs: Philosophy & Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
Bio: I am part of the club because I believe in the dignity of human life, a dignity that all humans possess regardless of a person’s age. Growing up in Singapore where the issues surrounding abortion are not spoken of openly and frankly, I know the ease by which we can slip into a state of apathy concerning one of the greatest injustices facing our society today. I believe that the horrors of abortion have to be confronted.

Communications Liaison: Alex Yang

College: Victoria
Year: 3
Program: Computer Science
Bio: I am a third year student passionate about law and technology. I support the pro-life movement because I believe all human beings deserve the fundamental right to life.

Treasurer: Hans Xu

College: St. Michael’s

Outreach Coordinator: Lara Connell

College: St. Michael’s
Year: 4
Programs: Philosophy & Christianity and Culture

Education Coordinator: Blaise Alleyne

U of T Alumnus


  • Activism Team: We run weekly pro-life outreach at the University of Toronto, in partnership with Toronto Against Abortion
  • Volunteer Outreach Team: We volunteer weekly at a charity that supports women and families facing difficult pregnancies
  • Seminars: We hold weekly meetings to learn more about bioethics, strategy, apologetics, biology, politics, philosophy, and beyond

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