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The beginning of life isn’t controversial

It’s not controversial when life begins. Except for when we start talking about abortion, then people want to pretend it’s above their pay grade. I just came across this little snippet from the Globe about an institute at U of

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Planned Parenthood: We Don’t Listen to Science

Planned Parenthood’s College Outreach group, Advocates for Choice, really hates science. Don’t just take my word for it, listen for yourself (via the CCBR). I thought it was the “wacky religious right” or the “lunatic fringe of the Republican party”

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Who says embryos are not human? Just consult your local embryology textbook

 To follow up on Blaise’s post on Dr. Gerard Nadal, I bring you quotes from regular embryology textbooks that students can purchase at their local university bookstore.  It always seems like people don’t want to say when human life begins.  The

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Pictures from “the inside”

Amazing photos from the womb (via ProWomanProLife): When Lennart Nilsson’s pictures of developing embryos were published in Life magazine in 1965, they caused a sensation. Within days, the entire print run of eight million had sold out. More than 40

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The Miracle of Life

A great pro-life video (via Fallible Blogma) — you’ll have to click through to watch it, as WordPress.com doesn’t like the embed code. Right, so when does human life begin again?

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Reflections on “Did I Deserve the Death Penalty?”

Yesterday, we hosted Rebecca Kiessling at St. Michael’s College (in association with Toronto Right to Life) for her talk, “Did I Deserve the Death Penalty?” It was fantastic, and, if you haven’t heard her speak yet, I’d highly recommend it

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Oh, did we mention life begins at conception?

I wish it didn’t need repeating (but we’ll repeat it until it doesn’t): human life begins at conception. (via Matthew Warner) More at abort73.com…

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Once Again: Life Begins At Conception

One of the most influence pro-life essays I’ve read was in grade 12 philosophy class, an essay titled Is every human being a person? by Patrick Lee (IIRC). So, when I see Patrick Lee’s name as one of the authors

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A human being, from the point of conception

Matthew Warner has a great post over at FallibleBlogma.com outlining the scientific basis of the origin of life. Quite frankly, it’s disappointing that it needs repeating, but some people just don’t want to believe it. “It’s just a clump of

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