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[Debate] Abortion: Human Right or Human Rights Violation?

We’ve uploaded video from Monday’s debate between Stephanie Gray and Donald Ainslie. Unlike Stephanie’s opponent at Dalhousie, Ainslie did not argue in favour of infanticide, and in fact argued against the notion that abortion should be a morally trivial matter.

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The importance of having a pro-life partner

She has a good head on her shoulders. Too bad she is taken 🙂 The Importance of Having a Pro-Life Partner By: Samantha Ciarlandini Hi, my name is Samantha and I am a fourth year student at the University of

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On the good of patients and the good of society

I ran across this article, which is a critique of this article in the Huffington Post. As a brief synopsis, the case of Mr. Betancourt, who was left in a vegetative state after cancer surgery is considered. The team of

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Adult Stem Cells FTW!

Researchers in Italy have successfully treated dozens of patients, who were blinded as a result of chemical burns, with their own stem cells. The list of potential uses for adult stem cells keeps rising while embryonic stem cells haven’t really

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Abortion Empowers No One, Part II

A friend of mine called to discuss a paper she had to write for PHL281 (biothics) a few weeks ago. The essay topic was the following: In discussing the case of Jane and Jack, George Harris says: “Jack is equally

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