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What We Accomplished Last Semester

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through the school year and already in 2015! UTSFL is hopeful as we gear up for a New Year of pro-life activism. But before we get too caught up in our plans,

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What do you say to someone contemplating abortion?

A few months back, I asked Nicole Lau—former president of UTSFL, who spent a year working at a crisis pregnancy centre in Toronto—to contribute a guest post. She sent this in right away, but I’m only getting around to posting

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The Heart of the Abortion Debate Within Our Culture: Part I

A friend of mine wrote the following poem, which mentions some concerns – some of the more “stickier” issues, no doubt – regarding the abortion debate. It is written from the perspective of the child in the womb. It must

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U of T Family Care Office Best Among Canadian Universities

Genevieve Bonomi, a summer research intern at the de Veber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research, put together a Report on Resources for Pregnant Women, Single Mothers and Parenting Students at university campuses in Canada. The deVeber Institute of Bioethics

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Project Ultrasound: See the Difference

Project Ultrasound looks like a very worthy charity to support (via Thomas Peters). (I wonder if there are any similar initiatives in Canada?) Between seventy and ninety-percent of “abortion minded” mothers who see an ultrasound choose life, but only 40%

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DeVeber Institute highlights University of Toronto campus pregnancy resources

Genevieve Bonomi, an intern at the deVeber Institue for Bioethics and Social Research, has praised UofT’s campus pregnancy resources: Throughout Canada, thousands of young people attend University who are aged 19 to 24. This group is also the largest age

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Aid To Women on Facebook

Aid to Women has a new Facebook Page. They provide crisis pregnancy support in Toronto to women in a caring, non-judgemental environment, and all services and free and confidential.

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