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Real Stem Cell Research

Hello again. I came upon this article and it really made me think. We have been hearing for years that embryonic stem cell research, the kind you actually have to kill an unborn child to do, is going to lead

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An evening discussing stem cells

Tomorrow evening (October 19) the Toronto Right to Life Association and the University of Toronto Students for Life will be hosting Dr. Clem Persaud at Hart House. He will be discussing stem cell research and how this relates to ethics.

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Adult Stem Cells FTW!

Researchers in Italy have successfully treated dozens of patients, who were blinded as a result of chemical burns, with their own stem cells. The list of potential uses for adult stem cells keeps rising while embryonic stem cells haven’t really

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Who says embryos are not human? Just consult your local embryology textbook

 To follow up on Blaise’s post on Dr. Gerard Nadal, I bring you quotes from regular embryology textbooks that students can purchase at their local university bookstore.  It always seems like people don’t want to say when human life begins.  The

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Pampers Ad Features Babies in the Womb

I’m no fan of the iPad, but this new Pampers ad is pretty great and it’s been making the rounds in pro-life circles. Jill Stanek provides some context by pointing to an old G.E. ad from 2002 for 4D

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Amazing Photographs of Unborn Animals

Just as you may have expected, they’re just “blobs of cells.” Except, not at all. These amazing embryonic animal photographs of dolphins, sharks, dogs, penguins, cats and elephants are from a new National Geographic Documentary called “Extraordinary Animals in the

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Citizenship Lessons Teach Children To Respect Living Beings, No Matter How Small

New curriculum guidance in the UK says that citizenship classes should teach respect for tiny, living beings (via ProWomanProLife): Good citizenship is not just a question of respect for one’s fellow humans, it seems. The government has decreed that children

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Oh, did we mention life begins at conception?

I wish it didn’t need repeating (but we’ll repeat it until it doesn’t): human life begins at conception. (via Matthew Warner) More at…

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Once Again: Life Begins At Conception

One of the most influence pro-life essays I’ve read was in grade 12 philosophy class, an essay titled Is every human being a person? by Patrick Lee (IIRC). So, when I see Patrick Lee’s name as one of the authors

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A human being, from the point of conception

Matthew Warner has a great post over at outlining the scientific basis of the origin of life. Quite frankly, it’s disappointing that it needs repeating, but some people just don’t want to believe it. “It’s just a clump of

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