I haven’t been able to keep up with the latest developments in American Health Care reform. I know the bill passed through congress the House of Representatives, which is the furthest that American health care reform has even gotten, but …

Stupak Amendment — If “Reproductive Health” Folks Are Mad, It’s Gotta Be Good Read more »

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An important video for our friends south of the border (via Thomas Peters). [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RD7hJhwy5g&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&feature=player_embedded&fs=1] Unfortunately, Canada already subscribes to the incredible inconsistency that abortion is both a woman’s choice and a medical necessity.

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Cecilia Brown, President of the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians, was on Prolife Unity radio a few weeks back (via PLAGAL’s blog). I wasn’t able to give the interview my full attention, but it seems like there was some …

Against idea bundling in the pro-life movement: PLAGAL on Prolife Unity radio Read more »

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I’ve not been posting on weekends, but I came online today to the terrible news that abortionist George Tiller was murdered in a church this morning (via Danielle Bean): Attorney Dan Monnat said Tiller, one of the nation’s most visible …

Abortionist George Tiller murdered while at church, pro-life groups denounce the violence Read more »

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Strong words from Monsignor David Malloy, general secretary of the U.S. episcopal conference: The priest recalled the conclusion of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission appointed by President Bill Clinton, that “because human embryos deserve ‘respect’ as a form of human …

U.S. Bishops Criticize Guidelines on Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research Read more »

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Peter Steinfels has a good article in the New York Times on the moral issues of the embryonic stem cell research debate, in light of Obama’s announcement to extend funding for embryonic stem cell research. He doesn’t make any moral …

The With-Us-Or-Against-Us Attitude to Embryonic Stem Cell Research Read more »

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