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The Media and the Question of Abortion

Dr. Ben Carson, one of the leading candidates for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, has been in the headlines in recent days for comments he made using slavery as an analogy for abortion. The main thrust of Dr. Carson’s argument

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Say #No2Niki and Motion 510

In Canada, the politics of abortion have involved a lot of meta-debate in recent years. We debate whether or not we should “reopen” the abortion debate. We debate whether party leaders can prevent MPs from “reopening” the debate. We debate

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Campaign Life Coalition B.C. Pushes for Public Abortion Statistics

Campaign Life Coalition B.C. is pushing for abortion statistics to be public: The organization Campaign Life Coalition B.C., which opposes abortions, is demanding [a] hearing so it can challenge provincial legislation that prevents hospitals from releasing information such as how

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March for Life Media Coverage

I’ve been meaning to post some links to media coverage from last week’s March for Life, which UTSFL participated in. The CBC’s coverage was dripping with contempt (e.g. “so-called March for Life”… uh… what did they think it was called?

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Elizabeth May wants to fund plans to kill family abroad

I’m really disappointed by a recent statement from Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada claiming that Abortion is an important component of maternal health initiative. As I said before, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that family

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Not in my name either

If the taxpayer funded pro-abortion status quo exists against your wishes, feel free to comment on this blog post by adding “Not in my name, either” in the comments.

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Canadian Government Clarifies That Family Planning Doesn’t Include Planning To Kill Your Family

By no means are the Harper conservatives pro-lifers, but they’ve taken a stance that abortion funding will not be a part of maternal health care initiatives. As International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda says, We’re saying that we’re using the definition

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Another Order of Canada recipient resigns

It’s been almost 2 years since Henry Mortgentaler was awarded the Order of Canada, and yet another recipient has resigned from the order just this week. Frank Chauvin returned his medal in protest over the 2008 appointment of abortion-rights activist

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Euthanasia Vote Set for Tomorrow – Contact your MP!

Bill C-384, introduced by MP Francine Lalonde (BQ), is set to go to a vote in parliament tomorrow.  The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is  encouraging everyone to either call/e-mail their respective Members of Parliament and tell them to oppose this bill. 

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The Maternal Health Minefield

This 7-minute video presents a look at the issue of maternal health, which has been a real hot-topic in Canadian politics (and beyond) recently, including an appearance from Andrea Mrozek:

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