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Stephanie Gray has a sharp defence (via ProWomanProLife) of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform against a piece by Colby Cosh from a couple weeks ago. Once again, if it isn’t already obvious, Gray explains why it’s not a contradiction to …

Killing is not a solution to our problems Read More »

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Catherine Nolan brought together some quotes from Princeton Catholic philosopher, Robbie George, regarding the murder of George Tiller. The first quote is one we noticed already. It’s from several years ago: I am personally opposed to killing abortionists. However, inasmuch …

“We do not teach the wrongness of taking human life by wrongfully taking a human life” Read More »

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I’ve not been posting on weekends, but I came online today to the terrible news that abortionist George Tiller was murdered in a church this morning (via Danielle Bean): Attorney Dan Monnat said Tiller, one of the nation’s most visible …

Abortionist George Tiller murdered while at church, pro-life groups denounce the violence Read More »

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