How to interpret the polls

There is lots of talk going on about the latest polls which have come out in the states saying that the majority of Americans are pro-life. While many are touting this as huge headway for the American pro-life movement, I’m a bit more cautious. I think we should be refrain from relying on the specific numbers (as I’m sure pro-lifers would be be if the results were different), but there is a general finding that is still very important to note.

While the specific numbers may be somewhat debatable, the undeniable point is that the pro-life message cannot be dismissed.

I suppose it’s much more of a Canadian thing to claim that “the debate is over,” but whether or not the “majority” part of the polls is sustained or important, it’s certain that the debate is far from over. Maybe that’s an obvious statement to make about America… but in a Canada without any law on abortion (where abortion is legal through all 9 months of pregnancy), many Canadians would certainly be uncomfortable with that, if they only knew.

Though, we have seen similar polls in Canada before. The Canadian relevance of these findings shouldn’t be about the specific numbers, but rather the fact that it’s clear that nothing has been settled about abortion. People can bicker about numbers, but don’t let anyone tell you “the debate is over.”

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