U.S. Bishops Criticize Guidelines on Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Strong words from Monsignor David Malloy, general secretary of the U.S. episcopal conference:

The priest recalled the conclusion of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission appointed by President Bill Clinton, that “because human embryos deserve ‘respect’ as a form of human life, destroying them for stem cells is ‘justifiable only if no less morally problematic alternatives are available for advancing the research.'”

He went on to note that alternatives are not only available, but have been found to offer the only effective promise for stem cell cures.

Then, responding to Obama’s comments on the issue:

“As [President Obama] noted,” Monsignor Malloy said, “we must not make ‘a false choice between sound science and moral values.’ In fact, these sources of guidance both point in the same direction, away from destructive embryonic stem cell research. His executive order and these guidelines nonetheless insist on a course of action that is both morally objectionable and, increasingly, scientifically obsolete.”

Malloy is obviously alluding to adult stem cells — you know, the ones that don’t involve killing human beings to harvest?

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