Citizenship Lessons Teach Children To Respect Living Beings, No Matter How Small

New curriculum guidance in the UK says that citizenship classes should teach respect for tiny, living beings (via ProWomanProLife):

Good citizenship is not just a question of respect for one’s fellow humans, it seems. The government has decreed that children should be taught not to hurt a fly.

New curriculum guidance says citizenship classes should pay due regard to the wellbeing of what it calls “mini-beasts”, including bees, ants and worms.

The classes are part of the “animals and us” section of the primary school citizenship curriculum. It says children can become “active citizens” by learning that “other living things have needs and they have responsibilities to meet them”.

By the age of seven pupils should have learnt that “humans have a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of animals, including mini-beasts” and will have been told rules for “behaviour in areas where animals live”: for example, “not stamping on insects”.

But don’t tell anyone not to hurt an unborn child! That would be hate and harrassment.

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