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Pro-Life Academy: Science in the Service of the Pro-Life Movement

I wanted to take a moment to highlight a great series at Dr. Gerard M. Nadal’s blog: Pro-Life Academy. In Dr. Nadal’s pro-life academy posts, he has been digging into embryology recently, going through the book EMBRYO: A Defense of

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Canadian Physicians for Life educates pro-life medical students

This is the fifth post in our series on euthanasia and assisted suicide. Thanks to Alex Schadenberg for coming to speak to our campus this week! The Catholic Register reports on the Canadian Physicians for Life’s sixth annual medical student

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Citizenship Lessons Teach Children To Respect Living Beings, No Matter How Small

New curriculum guidance in the UK says that citizenship classes should teach respect for tiny, living beings (via ProWomanProLife): Good citizenship is not just a question of respect for one’s fellow humans, it seems. The government has decreed that children

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DeVeber Institute highlights University of Toronto campus pregnancy resources

Genevieve Bonomi, an intern at the deVeber Institue for Bioethics and Social Research, has praised UofT’s campus pregnancy resources: Throughout Canada, thousands of young people attend University who are aged 19 to 24. This group is also the largest age

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