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  1. […] then aborting Down Syndrome babies is an unsurprising behaviour. Yet, when people realize that human life begins at conception, abortion suddenly seems like a less palatable solution for most. Categories: Abortion Tags: […]

  2. […] so when does human life begin again? Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)I Have Heard the SongLife’s greatest […]

  3. […] over the very centre of the debate — are the unborn human? Kolic clearly isn’t studying biology. Sadly, a contingent of board members has continued to openly meet with Life Support members and is […]

  4. […] had some great posts via Matthew before. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)The Miracle of […]

  5. […] might that be? Maybe because science doesn’t make abortion look very good. Categories: Abortion Tags: advocates for choice, conception, planned parenthood, […]

  6. […] ethical obligation? If we believe that parents have an obligation towards their children, and the unborn is human, then the rape victim is already a parent and abortion would mean the intentional killing of her […]

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