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 To follow up on Blaise’s post on Dr. Gerard Nadal, I bring you quotes from regular embryology textbooks that students can purchase at their local university bookstore.  It always seems like people don’t want to say when human life begins.  The …

Who says embryos are not human? Just consult your local embryology textbook Read More »

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A great pro-life video (via Fallible Blogma) — you’ll have to click through to watch it, as WordPress.com doesn’t like the embed code. Right, so when does human life begin again?

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Yesterday, we hosted Rebecca Kiessling at St. Michael’s College (in association with Toronto Right to Life) for her talk, “Did I Deserve the Death Penalty?” It was fantastic, and, if you haven’t heard her speak yet, I’d highly recommend it …

Reflections on “Did I Deserve the Death Penalty?” Read More »

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