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Killing babies the same as abortion: Experts

Really? I thought that’s what pro-lifers have been saying for the last little while, but don’t trust us! Trust the experts! Seriously, though, this article in the British Medical Journal is callous. It really goes to show what kind of

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Plan B: What is the Big Deal?

A few weeks ago, one of my classes held a panel on the topic of emergency contraception, otherwise known as Plan B.  During the discussion, one of my classmates said that Plan B does not work if the woman is

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Once Again: Life Begins At Conception

One of the most influence pro-life essays I’ve read was in grade 12 philosophy class, an essay titled Is every human being a person? by Patrick Lee (IIRC). So, when I see Patrick Lee’s name as one of the authors

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A human being, from the point of conception

Matthew Warner has a great post over at FallibleBlogma.com outlining the scientific basis of the origin of life. Quite frankly, it’s disappointing that it needs repeating, but some people just don’t want to believe it. “It’s just a clump of

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