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McGill Student Union Execs Go To Great Lengths To Protect Students From Scary Words

Last Thursday, the McGill student union (SSMU) voted to revoke suspend the club status of Choose Life, the pro-life group on campus. In light of that, I thought I’d revisit their “open letter” from the beginning of October (from just

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McGill Student Union Revokes Pro-Life Group’s Club Status

McGill’s student union has indefinitely revoked suspended club status from Choose Life, the pro-life club on campus. (via Big Blue Wave, ProWomanProLife) Student Equity Committee work with Choose Life to draft a document for Choose Life on how to abide

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Planned Parenthood Gag Order On Abby Johnson Denied

Remember that Planned Parenthood Director who quit after seeing an ultrasound of abortion? Planned Parenthood can’t get her to shut up. More specifically, the gag order attempt failed: According to the Bryan-College Station Eagle, District Judge J.D. Langley dissolved a

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Social Media for Pro-Lifers

This article appeared in the November NCLN newsletter. The Internet offers a variety of opportunities for pro-life clubs to engage a wider audience. The key is in understanding the social part of the web. Traditional broadcast media have typically been

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Josh Kolic’s Beef with Free Speech

Wow. Josh Kolic, Lakehead University Student Union’s VP Finance, really has it in for pro-life clubs. Clarissa posted the NCLN press release on Friday, and Josh appeared in the comments calling the Lakehead pro-life group an “extremist” organization. You know

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Stupak Amendment — If “Reproductive Health” Folks Are Mad, It’s Gotta Be Good

I haven’t been able to keep up with the latest developments in American Health Care reform. I know the bill passed through congress the House of Representatives, which is the furthest that American health care reform has even gotten, but

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Driving in the womb

This video is awesome (via The Hermeneutic of Continuity): [youtube]

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Press Release: Lakehead University Student Union Votes to Ban Pro-Life Club

Press Release November 3rd 2009 Lakehead University Student Union Votes to Ban Pro-Life Club On October 29th the Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) voted 7:6 in favour of banning the campus club, Lakehead University Life Support (LULS). This development occurred

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Take Two: Reproductive “Choice” Campaign Video

The Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform posted a video on YouTube a couple months back about their Reproductive “Choice” Campaign. We tried to blog about it, but YouTube had taken the video down by the time our post went live.

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Abortion Debate at the University of Victoria

Hey, not all Canadian universities are terrified of free speech on abortion! The pro-life club at the University of Victoria hosted the debate between Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and Dr. Eike-Henner Kluge, philosophy professor and

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