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CBC needs new editors

CBC reported earlier in September that MP Francine Lalonde will not be running for re-election due to bone cancer. I pray she fights this disease as she did in the past. However, one part of the article struck me: Lalonde

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Two Visions of Life

A recent article in the National Post attracted my attention earlier this week, and its been on my mind ever since. Professor John Zucchi excellently presents what I think is a remarklably innovative yet most effective outlook on the Euthanasia debate. Whenever

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Bill C-384 Squashed; Euthanasia Prevention Coalition now focusing on how Canadians can live with dignity

We’re a little late in posting the news, but Bill C-384 was defeated by a vote of 228-59. Alex Schadenberg and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition aren’t stopping with this victory though. We are working to turn the debate on this

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Canadians for Care Blog

Remember Canadians for Care? I just realized they have a blog highlighting opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Unfortunately for not-quite-bilingual people like me, they seem to have French and English mixed up in the same feed, but it still

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Francine Lalonde at it again

From the Catholic Register: “Who can repeatedly say with confidence that helping someone in unbearable pain, particularly someone in palliative care — that is definitely unbearable pain — is a crime?” she asked. “Many witnesses speak about helping someone die

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Parliament Debates Bill C-384 and Motion 388

A few weeks ago, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition covered two important parliamentary debates on their blog. First, the debate on Bill C-384 (to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide) didn’t go so well for Francine Lalonde. Parliamentary procedure states that a

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A Dance of Death

An article by Jean Echlin, A Dance of Death (via Alex Schadenberg): […] Lalonde’s bill states that “medical practitioners” will perform the death procedures. We have no right to ask our professional caregivers to provide us with death. Neither should

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Canadian Medical Association Opposes Bill C-384

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition reports: The Canadian Medical Association sent a letter to Members of Parliament today explaining why they oppose Bill C-384, the bill that would legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. The message was straight forward and

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Dear Family: Don’t Bump Me Off

A brilliant “memo to my children” from Barbara Kay in light of Bill C-384 (via ProWomanProLife [where else?]). (emphases mine) My dear family, As I write to you in September 2009, I am still physically healthy. But since I expect

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Canadians for Care

On Tuesday, we pointed out a great series of articles about Bill C-384, the latest attempt to legalize euthanasia and assisted-suicide in Canada. Andrea Mrozek points us to another website, Canadians for Care, where medical professionals are organizing against the

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