Three Resignations from the Order of Canada accepted by Governor General

The CBC reports that three resignations have been accepted by the Gov. Gen. from the Order of Canada. In a stretch to write an “unbiased” article that still slights pro-lifers, the CBC plays dumb at first:

No reasons were given for the three — René Racine, Jacqueline Richard and Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte — returning the awards.

However, Turcotte, 72, who is Montreal’s archbishop, told CBC’s French-language service last September that he was renouncing his honour to protest Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s appointment to the order.

No reasons were given… uh, except… the reasons he gave over 8 months ago. And Jacqueline Richard was reported to be returning her medal back in October citing Mother Theresa calling abortion “murder.” Somehow, I doubt it’s a mere coincidence that René Racine finds himself among the company of Richard and the Cardinal.

Update: On second thought, it may be the Governor General’s press releases that was terse. If the CBC article meant to say “no reasons were given” by the GG, I take back my snark (though they could make that a little less ambiguous!).

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