Campaign Life Coalition B.C. Pushes for Public Abortion Statistics

Campaign Life Coalition B.C. is pushing for abortion statistics to be public:

The organization Campaign Life Coalition B.C., which opposes abortions, is demanding [a] hearing so it can challenge provincial legislation that prevents hospitals from releasing information such as how many abortions they perform each year.

“Abortion is a public policy issue. As such it needs to be debated, but it’s hard to debate what’s going on locally if we don’t know specific statistics,” he said.
“The facilities we’re asking for, it’s already documented that they provide the service. It’s not a secret to anyone — to anybody in these communities. Our own provincial government publishes the name of these institutions, so how can you make one topic off-limits in a democratic society?” Gerk said.

Section 22.1 of B.C.’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act makes abortions the only medical procedures taking place in hospitals subject that are subject to secrecy.

That’s funny, I thought abortion was just like any other medical procedure…

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