UTSFL Talk: Echoes of the Holocaust

Jose Ruba

Tomorrow, we’ll be hosting Jose Ruba from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform at the University of Toronto to present his talk, Echoes of the Holocaust, from 7-9pm Wed Jan 27 at Father Madden Hall (Carr Hall, St. Michael’s College) [facebook].

The talk is geared to help mixed audiences understand the historical roots of genocide and why abortion fits into the same pattern. This includes looking at how different societies systematically dehumanized people and eliminated them in the belief that they were achieving a social good.

Ruba will also cover how the same bad thinking informs the abortion debate today. By critically examining arguments for legal abortion, the audience will be exposed to solid reasoning why the unborn must be protected just like born people.

Yes, this is the same talk that was disrupted at St. Mary’s and shut down at McGill. We’ve been putting up posters and handing out pamphlets around campus for the past week, and so far there’s been no sign that people at the University of Toronto are against free speech.

Ruba’s message is important, because it traces the patterns of human rights abuses: when human beings are denied personhood, injustice results. The only reason to be afraid of this talk is that it’s bound to be devastating to the pro-choice position.

That said, the lecture is open to the public. Anyone interested in civil dialogue and debate about abortion is welcome to attend.

Hope to see you there!

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