“A fetus is Not a Life”

Last Friday, the 37th March for Life occurred in Washington, D.C.  You may not have heard too much about it since it is probably the only protest, composing of hundreds of thousands of people, that the media really does not like to highlight. There are enough blogs writing about the utter silence of the MSM when reporting the March for Life, so I wanted to discuss a quote from the president of the National Organization for Women, Terry O’Neill:

A fetus is not a life, sorry… And no, nobody’s religious conviction justifies taking women’s ability to shape their own futures away from them.

First, to say a fetus is not a life is plain ridiculous.  A fetus is a member of the species Homo sapiens.  The fetus grows, responds to stimuli, adapts to his environment… he is ALIVE.  If an amoeba is considered life, then how can a fetus not be considered life?  O’Neill can try to argue from a philosophical point of view that the fetus is not deserving of any human rights (a point on which I would also disagree with her) but to say that a fetus is not a life is just bad science.

Ah, the religious argument… the ironic thing is that she blames pro-lifers for screwing up the future of many women by forcing them to carry the child to term…. but what about the futures that these children will never have?  What about the unborn women who will never get to live their lives because they were unfortunately conceived at the wrong moment?  Also, as has been discussed many times on this blog, abortion is not a religious argument.  I do not need the Word of God to tell me that abortion results in the loss of a life since I can use reason to come to that conclusion.

O’Neill should think more about her convictions.  The anti-science and anti-religious rants are not really helping her cause.

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