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A recent article in the National Post attracted my attention earlier this week, and its been on my mind ever since. Professor John Zucchi excellently presents what I think is a remarklably innovative yet most effective outlook on the Euthanasia debate. Whenever …

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Starting August 5, the government of Quebec will begin to publicly fund all in-vitro fertilization procedures in the province: The initiative, announced Tuesday by Health Minister Yves Bolduc, makes Quebec the first jurisdiction in North America to publicly fund the …

“Quebec’s free IVF plan turns children into property” Read More »

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Via ProWomanProLife: Quebec’s Health Minister is under fire for a proposal to tighten rules for private abortion clinics, forcing him to retreat on the politically volatile issue amid calls for his resignation. Clinics threatened to close and others protested after …

The most reasonable questions are controversial when abortion is discussed in Canadian politics Read More »

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