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To be or not to be (a sperm)… that is the question

When arguing with the other side about when life begins, you might hear the argument that “We don’t really know for sure when a sperm stops being a sperm, so do you people also want to save the sperm?” Luckily

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“Quebec’s free IVF plan turns children into property”

Starting August 5, the government of Quebec will begin to publicly fund all in-vitro fertilization procedures in the province: The initiative, announced Tuesday by Health Minister Yves Bolduc, makes Quebec the first jurisdiction in North America to publicly fund the

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Why children should not be treated as commodities

Check out this article on a recent study regarding children conceived through sperm donation by the Commission on Parenthood’s Future: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/study-shows-problems-for-adults-conceived-by-sperm-donation/ This one quote from donor-conceived Alana Sveta stands out:  “It’s just that we, the children, haven’t been empowered to

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Carrying someone else’s child

Back in June, we wrote about the tragic story of a couple who lost their IVF baby after it was mistakenly implanted in another woman who aborted it when she found out. Brigitte Pellerin points us to a similar story

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When choice collides…

LifeSiteNews.com (via ProWomanProLife): A UK couple recently lost their last IVF embryo when it was mistakenly implanted in another woman, who aborted the baby when she discovered it was not hers. The collision of negative reproductive choice (abortion — ending

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