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Planned Parenthood should change its name….

to Planned Abortion Services Ltd. Here are the 2008 stats of the “services” provided by Planned Parenthood courtesy of Jill Stanek and the American Life League: Abortions: 324,008 (up 6.1% from 305,310 in 2007) Prenatal care: 9,433 (down 14% from

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Pro-life 101: Jill Stanek asks a good question

As pro-lifers, we will meet a lot of hostility from pro-choicers. We must be ready to defend ourselves when called upon and even though the University of Toronto Students of Life offers Pro-life 101 sessions throughout the school year (you

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Why would you join a movement that tried to ensure your mother could kill you?

This post from Jill Stanek is too good not to share: Newsweek posted an interesting piece on April 16, “Remember Roe!”, with the byline, “How can the next generation defend abortion rights when they don’t think abortion rights need defending?”

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Extremism and fatigue with the abortion debate

Sometimes, I get tired of extremism all around. Well, it’s not extremism so much as a lack of an attempt at empathy that gets me. I set aside these links in January. Both appeared in my feed reader around the

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What do Pro-Lifers think about contraception?

As a club, Students for Life doesn’t take a stance on contraception. Opponents often (smugly) question why pro-lifers wouldn’t add their unconditional support to contraceptives in order to reduce unwanted pregnancies, but the issue is really more complicated than that

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WARNING: Abortion Causes Dead Babies

RH Reality Check’s “common ground” site on abortion has been anything but a “common ground” so far. Jill Stanek offers her own, no non-sense common ground suggestion. Obama said yesterday in a meeting with Catholic reporters… “I don’t know any

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