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Take Two: Reproductive “Choice” Campaign Video

The Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform posted a video on YouTube a couple months back about their Reproductive “Choice” Campaign. We tried to blog about it, but YouTube had taken the video down by the time our post went live.

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Andrea Mrozek on Teresa Hartnett

Andrea Mrozek from ProWomanProLife has a great post up that involves a brief reflection on Teresa Hartnett’s talk at the de Veber conference at UofT (both were speakers): Yesterday I heard a very wonderful woman speak at the de Veber

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Sidenote: Baby Dancing to Beyonce

I’m not sure whether to be delighted or horrified. [youtube=] And, what do you know… yet another YouTube sub-genre: babies and kids imitating Beyonce. Ok. Horrified.

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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition: context is key for polling

Alex Schadenberg, President of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, highlights all sorts of problems with recent polls in Quebec suggesting that a majority of Canadians support legalizing euthanasia. The problem is that the issue is often presented in polls as a

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National Pro-Life Conference 2009

Anything that Andrea Mrozek is speaking at is automatically worth attending. Even beyond that simple fact, it’s an all-star line-up. National Pro-Life Conference 2009 Andrea Mrozek Rev. Dr. James Lamb Alex Schadenberg: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Rod Bruinooge Ezra Levant Dr.

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Welcome Week Clubs Fair Appearances

We’ll be participating in both the UTSU Clubs fair event on Friday, September 3rd (1-4pm) and the SMCSU Clubs showcase on the evening of September 5th (5-7pm). Hope to see you there! You can find out about these events and

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Women arguing against abortion? Must be a front.

This is too funny not to post: I read the column this morning at home and when I was standing on the subway I noticed a woman sitting near me reading the Post who glanced toward that article, rolled her

Trouble adopting abroad, yet we kill the unborn at home

I don’t know a lot about the experience of trying to adopt a child in Canada, except that it’s hard. Which is probably why a lot of couples look to agencies like Imagine Adoption to find children abroad. This is

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Who needs lab rats when you have human beings?

From LifeSiteNews (via AmP): General Electric has announced that it will use embryonic stem cells provided by Geron Corporation for the purpose of testing toxic effects of drug treatments. GE issued a statement, attempting to preempt criticism over the decision,

Is late-term abortion ever necessary?

It is unfortunately common for people to be against abortion, but make exceptions for cases like rape, incest, or the health (not necessarily “life”) of the mother. It’s unfortunate because it’s an incoherent position. If the unborn is not a

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