Canada being choosy with women’s rights?

An article in Life Site News caught my attention the other day. The Center Against Forced Abortion (CAFA) in Texas is taking measures to ensure women know they are legally protected against coerced abortion. Their efforts will involve the distribution of a letter to women and to parents of women, outlining their legal rights. The letter explains how the 1979 US supreme court case ruled that it was a criminal offense to

force, coerce, or exert undue pressure

in order to persuade a women to have an abortion. This was supposed to be a good news blog, but I did a little reading and realized that there was no such court case, no bill or law that was protecting Canadian women from coerced abortion. The C-510 bill, or Roxanne’s Law was tabled at the house of Commons on April 14th, 2010. An article in the National Post describes how the coordinator of the Abortion Rights Coalition in Canada didn’t think there was any need for the law as abortion clinics screen for this sort of thing anyway (um, does she have that under good authority???) and wouldn’t perform an abortion on someone who seemed to be there against their will. She also mentioned that she felt this law was

an attempt to open the door to recriminalization of abortion in Canada

Did she just change the subject? Where we not talking about women’s rights, like five seconds ago? Can we please go back to talking about women’s rights, Canada, or do you have to put all your efforts into defending abortion? You’ve made it legal, now please keep an eye on it and don’t let it get out of hand. Women should not be forced to have an abortion. Period.

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