Pro-life 101: Jill Stanek asks a good question

As pro-lifers, we will meet a lot of hostility from pro-choicers. We must be ready to defend ourselves when called upon and even though the University of Toronto Students of Life offers Pro-life 101 sessions throughout the school year (you should get on the mailing list to find out when and where they will be located!) I’m offering an online Pro-life 101 session now. The tireless pro-life fighter Jill Stanek recently had a back and forth e-mail session with a pro-choicer and here is how it went:

Jill then goes on to ask what the pro-life answer to “Why don’t you people put up or shut up – pay for the care of pregnant mothers in crisis and adopt the unwanted or “defective” babies?”. The comments section had some really good answers. They included:

1. Pro-lifers already help women with unwanted pregnancies: They are called crisis pregnancy centres, like this one

2. If your neighbour was beating his wife and kids, would you have to marry the wife and adopt the kids before calling the police and children’s aid?

3. If pro-aborts pro-choicers really care about choice, what are they doing to ensure that this woman has the support she needs to actually make a choice?

4. If I am against car theft, I don’t have to be a policeman or part of the Neighbourhood Watch to tell others to not steal cars. 

5. How many children would I, a pro-lifer, have to adopt to make my pro-life views known? Would me adopting 20 children instead of 2 children make abortion worse, or is abortion wrong for the fact that an innocent child is killed? (I came up with this one)

These are just some of the responses I picked out. If you have more, feel free to share!

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