Birth control and abortion in “modern feminism”

A good read by Catherine Palmer over at Ethika Politika:

The belief to which I am referring suggests that there is something regrettable about a woman’s natural capacity to conceive and bear children. The abortion advocate attacks the unique sexuality of a woman and squashes the sense of pride she experiences in being able to bring life into the world —  a miracle no man can replicate[1]. Attempts to artificially sterilize and de-sex women by stripping their wombs of life are belittling and offensive. No woman should be made to feel by society — and have confirmed by pro-choice legislation — that something is intrinsically wrong with her body.

Yet isn’t this precisely the case for America’s women today? The responsible modern-day woman will go on the Pill so that her fertility does not become an undesired burden to society. Her biology is consistently high-maintenance and potentially expensive, so artificial birth control and abortion are necessary means of mastering her reproductive ability. On its own, a woman’s body just isn’t good enough.

It is a very insightful piece. Do read the rest of it.

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