Down’s Syndrome is not a “wrongful life”

From Secondhand Smoke:

Two Victorian couples are suing doctors for failing to diagnose Down syndrome in their unborn babies, denying them the chance to terminate the pregnancies. The couples are claiming unspecified damages for economic loss, continuing costs of care of the children, and “psychiatric injury”. Both say they would have aborted their pregnancies had they been told their children would be born with Down syndrome.

I pray that these parents come to realization that these children are gifts with much to offer this world. I also hope, like Wesley, that these children never learn that their parents did not want them to be born!

3 Comments on “Down’s Syndrome is not a “wrongful life”

  1. Mmmh i don’t know where to start im 16 weeks pregnant, and i have just found out that i at risk of having a down syndrom baby…I did two test (blood test) they both shows that am at rist…I am still digesting it, it’s hard to swalow but if God wishes me to have this baby then i will have it…I will never ternminet the pregnacy no matter what…Im not a religious person but i believe terminate the pregnacy means killing my baby..I have two kids healthy kids which i thank God for giving me such beutiful kids and the third one is on the way… I will love him/her as long as I shall live…Wish me luck

    • Thank you for your comment Asma! I know that your child will bring you much happiness, as your other children have brought. I will pray for you and for your family!

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