Why children should not be treated as commodities

Check out this article on a recent study regarding children conceived through sperm donation by the Commission on Parenthood’s Future:


This one quote from donor-conceived Alana Sveta stands out:

 “It’s just that we, the children, haven’t been empowered to vocalize our issues yet. The needs and concerns of our mothers and their partners have trumped and stifled our own,

Our culture of “choice” is really a lie when you think of it. Having children is not a “right” in the sense that our society views rights. No one has a right to treat a person as a “product” just because they desire a child.  There are serious repercussions with sperm donation and this study has done a good job in highlighting the potential problems for these children.

I urge you to read the article and reflect on the results.  And then ask yourself a question: “How would I feel if I were conceived in this way?”

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