Killing the Unborn is okay, but Abusing Them is Criminal?

A Kentucky woman is facing a 10-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to abusing her child.

What did she do?  Neglect?  Physical Abuse?  Emotional trauma?

Actually, she used cocaine while pregnant.

Wait a minute, she is going to be punished for abusing her unborn child?  A child that does not have any rights under the law?  Does this make sense to anybody?  How can this child be legally killed but not legally abused?  Where is the logic in allowing abortion but not allowing substance abuse during pregnancy?

Here is the article in full from State Journal.  You have to hand it to the woman’s lawyer as he laid out the craziness of the pro-choice argument.  How can unborn child abuse be a crime when abortion is okay for any reason?  Mind you, I think the lawyer took the wrong approach here.  We should not be out there legalizing child abuse if the child is in the womb but this case should make us think that if abuse against the unborn child is viewed as wrong (how many of you cringe when you see a pregnant woman on the street lighting up?) then there should probably be something wrong with abortion as well, right?

The cynical part of me thinks that instead of actually using this case to reflect on the immorality of abortion the “good-natured” judges will probably end up stating how it is not a crime for pregnant women to take dangerous drugs.  In any case, as it stands now, a decision has to be made:  Is it criminal to abuse unborn children, making abortion for any reason unjustified; or is abortion morally justified, making unborn child abuse illogical?  I pray the Kentucky Supreme Court makes the right choice.

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