Demonstration Against Abortion at the University of Toronto

On Wednesday, we took the streets at St. George and Harbord with signs to raise the issue of abortion on campus. Abortion in Canada is legal through all 9 months of pregnancy. We believe it’s a lousy cop out to provide a woman in a crisis pregnancy situation with death for her unborn child rather than real assistance; killing is neither caring nor compassionate.

We had a great turn out from our members, and even a few non-members who stopped by to show support and even help out. One passerby stopped for over an hour to hold a sign saying, “Abortion Kills Children.” We were active for about 5 hours, longer than we’d planned, because support was just so great. We had at least 20-30 members show up at one point during the day, many staying for most of the afternoon.

Of course, our pro-choice friends had a small showing as well, helping to attract more attention to our event. Personally, I enjoyed the conversations I was able to share with a few of the counter-protesters, one of whom complimented us on the material we were handing out and agreed that it was important for us to raise the issue of personhood (while obviously still disagreeing with us on abortion). It’s nice to have relatively civil pro-choicers on the UofT campus.

Thanks to all the UTSFLers who made the event such a success! Photos are up on Flickr and our Facebook page, and I’ve got a few video clips to upload soon.

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