Michael Coren on the March for Life

Michael Coren has a piece on the March for Life today in the National Post (via ProWomanProLife), noting how “it makes the shapers of establishment opinion extraordinarily uncomfortable,” and focusing on issues of free speech and the suppression of debate on the abortion issue in this country (and especially on campuses).

That’s something we’ve covered a bit here already, and you can read the full article if you wish, but I’d like to highlight a different quote about how the March for Life isn’t just about abortion, but rather a statement against other practices which also fail to recognize the dignity of human life.

The march, however, is about more than the unborn. The campaign to introduce euthanasia into the mainstream, by sympathetic coverage within entertainment and attempts at stealth legislation in legislatures, is well-financed and organized. Park the car in a disabled parking spot and you’ll be hit with a heavy fine. Abort or euthanize a disabled person and you’ll be awarded the Order of Canada. The march has always included people with physical challenges who tell heartbreaking stories of how terrifying the pro-euthanasia movement is to the disabled.

Read the full article here.

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