Rod Bruinooge Targets Censorship of Pro-Life Groups

Rod Bruinooge, chair of the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus who made headlines earlier in the year, spoke out against restrictions on the pro-life message in the public forum:

From student unions and campuses, to advertising regulators, pro-life free speech is being treated by some as unworthy of protection…

Although there are close to 100,000 abortions every year in Canada, we actually know very little about the practice. For example, we don’t know the gestational age of the unborn child in over sixty percent of the cases because abortion providers aren’t required to report this information. Nor are they required to report health complications or the reasons women obtain abortions. Stifling free speech allows the whole secrecy surrounding the practice of abortion to thrive. Every woman has a right to be fully informed about the potential physical and psychological health risks of abortion. The trend to clamp down on free speech on this issue is a threat to all women who seek to be adequately informed.

It’s great to have an MP who isn’t afraid to take a stand on these issues.

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