Another Order of Canada recipient resigns

It’s been almost 2 years since Henry Mortgentaler was awarded the Order of Canada, and yet another recipient has resigned from the order just this week.

Frank Chauvin returned his medal in protest over the 2008 appointment of abortion-rights activist Dr. Henry Morgentaler to the order.

Anti-abortion activist Frank Chauvin, who has returned his Order of Canada medal, was inducted into the order in 1987. (CBC)
Chauvin, from Windsor, Ont., was inducted into the order in 1987.

He has said he does not want to be affiliated with Morgentaler’s position.


He has long been heralded for community work, including founding an orphanage for abandoned girls in Haiti and working with several organizations to help the poor in Canada and elsewhere.

On a side note, what a wonderful pretense of objectivity from the CBC on this topic.

Update: This makes a bit more sense. He didn’t just decide to resign two years later, but he had been waiting two years for his resignation to be accepted.

“Took them long enough,” the straight-talking 76-year-old said Tuesday, after spending part of the day helping load a transport truck with donations destined for Africa. “I had sent two letters already. So I got fed up and sent another letter on Jan. 11 with the medal, and I sent it Priority Post.”

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