Euthanasia Vote Set for Tomorrow – Contact your MP!

Bill C-384, introduced by MP Francine Lalonde (BQ), is set to go to a vote in parliament tomorrow.  The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is  encouraging everyone to either call/e-mail their respective Members of Parliament and tell them to oppose this bill.  A contact list of all the Members of Parliament can be found here and sample letters from the Coalition can be found here (try to change the wording around so they don’t receive the same letter from everyone).  I sent my letter to my MP and it is here:

April 20, 2010

Dear Mr. McColeman,

I have learned that MP Francine Lalonde (BQ) has introduced Bill C-384,  a private
member’s bill in parliament to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide.

As a future health care professional, I oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide because it
will threaten the lives of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable individuals in
our country.  Mental pain will be a legitimate reason for euthanasia and this bill will
be detrimental to those who suffer from depression in our society.

As a future pharmacist, I will strive to provide the best possible care for my patients
and this does not include legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide.

It is my belief that every life is worthy of dignity and we should promote measures that
improve the quality of life of patients and not measures that threaten their very

I respectfully request that you oppose this bill.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours Truly,

Danny Ricci
University of Toronto Pharmacy Student

Even though euthanasia is still illegal in this country, we should not wait until after the law is passed to make our voices heard.  If we stand up now, euthanasia hopefully will never be a reality in our society!

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