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I think I’m ready for Something New

This couple took a photo a day through 9 months of pregnancy, and put the pictures to music — a song written by the father, Tom Fletcher.

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And now a public announcement

Brought to you by our good friend Madeleine Gubbels: The University of Toronto is offering information sessions on pregnancy, giving birth, and parenting during this school year (2010/11). To register, follow this link: http://www.familycare.utoronto.ca/events/#Moms-to-Be *Expectant & New Moms’ Group *Dates:

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“We Would Welcome another Child with Down Syndrome”

Last week, a remarkable article was posted in the New York Times, by a mother who had refused prenatal testing during her pregnancy. The woman in question, Amy Becker, is the mother of a child with Down syndrome and has

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Just a thought: Do women really have a choice?

This post was written by Casey Luluquisin, Vice-President of the University of  Toronto Students for Life A study published in The Journal of Adolescent Health, “Are pregnant adolescents stigmatized by pregnancy?”, conducted by Constance Wiemann et al. found that “two

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The Maternal Health Minefield

This 7-minute video presents a look at the issue of maternal health, which has been a real hot-topic in Canadian politics (and beyond) recently, including an appearance from Andrea Mrozek:

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Pregnancy and Sport

This is a quick Olympic-themed post, as I spent part of February in Vancouver at the Olympics (part of the reason that blogging has been light)! My mom is the chief medical advisor for Skate Canada, and a specialist in

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A story from a pregnant abortionist

Big Blue Wave recently highlighted an excerpt from an article that appeared on The Abortioneers about second trimester abortions. When I was a little over 18 weeks pregnant with my now pre-school child, I did a second trimester abortion for

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A new way to confuse the abortion issue

I don’t want to get too involved with American politics, but this open letter to Sarah Palin (via Feministing) was a bit hard to resist. Lynn Paltrow asks, Did you know that [changing the law on abortion] not only threatens

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