Elizabeth May wants to fund plans to kill family abroad

I’m really disappointed by a recent statement from Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada claiming that Abortion is an important component of maternal health initiative. As I said before, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that family planning doesn’t include planning to kill your family.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but there are two reasons I wanted to believe that the Green Party might have been slightly more reasonable on abortion: (1) one of our former exec members has run as the Green Party candidate in a GTA riding, and he told me that Elizabeth May knew he was pro-life and was okay with it; (2) May herself has at least acknowledged the “moral dilemma” and said it’s not “clear-cut black-and-white,” earning flak from some pro-abortion feminists.

However, I suppose it was naive of me to think that the Green Party wouldn’t take a strong stance urging abortion for the world’s poor.

Well, not in my name.

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  1. For some people, despite the world falling apart in many ways, the only issues that exist are abortion and gay marriage and their opposition. The same people paradoxically are pro-death penalty. because these people are so vehemently emotional
    with their world view, they are manipulated for their vote by right wing maniacs
    giving billions in subsidies to the richest most polluting oil companies in the world and billions to their friends in the nuclear lobby and billions to buy bigger guns. To top it off, religeous groups opposing abortion also take the insane position of opposing contraception, leading to more abortions.

    • And for others, their only responses to political opposition of their pet causes are strawmen, spreading FUD, ad hominem style argumentation and extrapolation as their primary mode of logic.

      Just because you’ve heard on CNN that some people are pro-life and pro-death penalty doesn’t mean that anyone from the University of Toronto Students for Life shares your view.

      And oil? You’re not even remotely close to engaging in intelligible conversation now. What do oil companies, the “nuclear lobby” or “bigger guns” have to do with my blog post that expresses reservations about Elizabeth May’s position on abortion?

      It hurts my head that you decry people who “are so vehemently emotional.” Irony of ironies.

      I’m happy to have a conversation here, but at least try to make sense.

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