A Satire on a Woman’s Right to Lose

My fiancee’s cousin, Leah D’Ettore, has a lot of writing talent. Here is one of her poems that I want to share (I hope she does not have this copyrighted!):

A Satire on a Woman’s Right to Lose
O, Statesman of justice and reform!
O, merciful terror of the unborn!
Justice is that which fills your life with ease;
Bull in a china shop, aiming to please;
You staunchly defend the strong from the weak
By silencing those with no voice to speak.
So your feminist polls begin to bloat
‘Cause the lives that matter are lives that vote!
O! Bah! Maock all those wretches who object
To your platform of murder and neglect.
Dismiss them as hateful, behind the times!
Don’t give them a chance to denounce your crimes.
‘But!’ you slyly cry, ‘it’s her right to choose!
And she has no right to cause her to lose
Her career, her life, her independence!’
O, hero of truth; slayer of infants!
‘Her happiness is my concern,’ you lie,
As all her chances for happiness die.
Hitler and Stalin – they would envy you!
Yours is a holocaust just, and cleaner too.
No chambers of gas, just hospital beds,
Where innocents to the slaughter are led.
Where, in the name of woman’s sacred right,
You will extinguish woman’s sacred light.
–          A One Time Foetus

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