“I might have risked my life for her, but she was worth it.”

These types of stories never get old. Mother needs treatment that will kill her unborn child. Doctors warn mother to have an abortion first. Mother refuses and gives birth to healthy baby. And to top it all off, the mother is on the road to recovery! Happy news and God bless both of them!

Victoria, 33, went for a routine blood test when she was five months pregnant and was given the shattering news she had cancer.

She desperately needed chemotherapy – but medics warned it would kill her unborn girl so begged her to have an abortion.

Needless to say, Victoria did not go through with the abortion and instead went through a more grueling treatment for her cancer.

Jessica was born perfectly healthy. And yesterday – with the baby now ten months old – her mum was on the road to recovery from her chronic myeloid leukaemia after finally starting on the delayed chemotherapy.

She said there was no choice, but mum definitely chose life. Now her response to why she chose life:

Holding my daughter in my arms was an amazing moment. I might have risked my life for her, but she was worth it.

Enough said.

HT:  ProWomanProLife

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